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Our Business
Investment Banking

Financial Advisors

IPO/Public Offering

Our pre-IPO advisory services are designed to help clients in further development through an initial public offering.

Our services include:
· Designing the best IPO scenario and providing professional advice and assistance to clients on pre-IPO restructuring
· Advising on the structure, timeline and terms of pre-IPO financing
· Assessing the pros and cons of various financing options for shareholders and the company
· Strategic review of business and operational conditions and assessing the attractiveness of investments in companies and industries

Transaction/corporate actions

We provide independent financial advisory services for transactions/corporate actions
· Acting as financial advisor to listed companies in transactions/corporate actions
· Provide professional advice on listing rules
· Effective communication with regulators

Mergers and Acquisitions/Privatization

Our team has been deeply involved in the M&A business for nearly 2 years and has extensive industry experience, providing valuation pricing, financial institutions (e.g. banks), transaction structures, transaction processes and other planning and design for a wide range of M&A transactions, covering:
· company sale
· Asset divestiture or spin-off
· Acquisition Cross-border merger and acquisition
· Other complex merger transactions